how to access the google business site

How To Access The Google Business Site

How To Access The Google Business Site

how to access the google business site

How to View The Business Website on Google

Many people are wondering why their Google business website can’t be found anymore. Usually you would be able to access the site by clicking on the standard website field and it would show an additonal option to “manage” the Google Business Site. 

However, users started to report that this option was gone and removed from their profile. See screenshot below. 

I’ve found a way to activate the site and get it back to your profile. It’s a little technical but I’m going to guide you through the process without you needing to contact a developer.

google business profile website

Access Google Business Website - Step By Step

I’m going to use the Chrome browser on Desktop. If you’re using a different browser, please switch to Chrome for this little hack.

Step 1 - Log in to your Google Profile

Go to your Google Business Profile. You can search for “my business” on Google’s search or go to

How to create a google business website step-by-step

Step 2 - Click on “edit profile”

Click on edit profile so that you see the open pop up window where you can edit your profile information.

Google Business website

Step 3 - Check Frame Source Code

Right click with your mouse and select “view frame source”. Don’t confuse this with “page source”. We precisely want to see the frame source code of this pop up window.

Create the Google business site

Step 4 - Find your Google Business Site ID

The Google Business Site ID is not visible anywhere else, so you need to find it in the source code of this pop up window. 

  • In this source code tab, press CTRL+F on a windows PC or command+F on a Mac to open the search bar.
  • Now type in “data:” (without the “”)
  • If you’re on the correct page, the search bar will show you 8 search results. We’re going to need the last one that looks like on the following screenshot:
  • Now you’ve found your Google Business Site ID.
  • Copy the ID and paste it to the following URL:


Just like this

  • Hit enter and marvel at your Google Business Site. The “manage” button that had been removed is back again, too.
google busines ssite manage box

It’s basically creating the site from scratch. 

How to create the google business website


This is how you access and create the Google Business site. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. 

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2 months ago

I followed the instructions in the article, the result is that my site still returns 404 results

Reply to  Tim
2 months ago

i got to the Business Profile Manager page as instructed, but i can’t find the Publish button on the page, now my site is returning 404 results, what should i do. This is my website:

Mendryk Yaroslav
2 months ago

it`s working only if the business has an ability to put goods

Adler James
Reply to  Tim
2 months ago

Thanks, Tim for sharing this useful information. I was facing this issue for last two weeks but didn’t find a solution on YouTube and online platforms but finally your blog helped me and I successfully published my business site on GBP.

Bill Hibbler
2 months ago

Thank you so much! That worked perfectly for me.

Bradley Benner
2 months ago

Outstanding. I’ve shared this with several colleagues and it works every time. Thanks for the detailed tutorial, it’s been very helpful.

Shonda Rogers
1 month ago

The result i get when checking the iframe source shows like below with “_gd” nonce=”
Any idea what i’m doing wrong?
<script data-id=”_gdnonce=”37QXXXXXXXXXUdkYBCjliA“>

Hadiwijaya Sasanadi
1 month ago

Thanks a lot for the great tips. I’ve been looking for this since I’m helping my fellow SME in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Google Business Site is a great help for us. But I don’t know whether Google will continue this services in the future.

29 days ago

Worked perfectly for me

Will Scott
27 days ago

Great post! I’ve used this now half a dozen times, and it’s 100%
Thanks for sharing.

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