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local citation sites for contractors and builders

Top 120 Local Citation Sites for Contractors & Builders

In the old days, building and construction companies used to find their customers by word of mouth; now they don’t have to. Now, SEO can find them for you. In this article, we’ll cover the top directories to feature any local citation for contractors and builders—including important factors like approximate traffic, domain ratings, and backlink count.

Best 120 contractors and builders Directory Submission Sites for Local SEO

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Reliable Local Citation Building

BrightLocal offers a pay-as-you-go local citation-building service that allows you to improve local search visibility without recurring fees. Note: The link below is an affiliate link.

What is a local SEO citation and why does it matter?

A local SEO citation is an online listing for your business, targeted to a local service area. These listings include crucial information about your company—key points that search engines and potential customers are looking for. These might include your address, contact information, website, social media links, and more.

All of this information is organized into one, concise profile, to make it easier for the public to find your business. You can also add in things like relevant photos, videos, and other media to help make the listing more appealing to visitors and accessible by search engines.

What are the benefits of business directories for contractors and builders?

Building and construction companies often operate on a local level. In the past, this meant a strong brick-and-mortar presence was crucial to success. Today, businesses don’t need to rely so heavily on in-person networking and advertising. Instead, they can optimize their time with local SEO strategies that help customers find them in a fraction of the time. 

Local citations for building services can be designed to feature only the most relevant information—things that you know your potential customers are already searching for. Next, you can use SEO data to evaluate directory sites and choose ideal candidates based on how many people access the site on a regular basis. In short: business directories help building and construction companies find customers faster, with less money and effort.

What is the purpose of a citation for building and construction?

When you create a citation for your business you’re creating more opportunities for customers to find your business online—in a more efficient way than if you were to just use other methods, like advertising. With the right strategy, these listings can help you stand out from your competitors on local search, and even increase your chances of landing one of the top spots in search engine results. In fact, the more consistent, accurate, and valuable your listing is, the more likely search engine platforms, such as Google, will consider your business to be a legitimate resource for people online.

How to create citations for local Contractors & Builders?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform a citation campaign for a Contractors & Builders business?

There are several ways to create citations. Here are a few that I have used for my clients’ businesses:

  1. Professional Services. Brightlocal provides citation campaigns, including citation check-ups. It starts at rates as low as $2 per citation. 
  2. Manually. You can add your business to sites and directories yourself. It just takes time but it’s certainly the most reliable option.
  3. Fiverr. Not everything on Fiverr is pure BS. You will need to put some effort into searching for a reliable person who offers citation building. 120 citations can be as cheap as $5. However, if it’s the wrong person, it can turn your citation campaign into a nightmare.

What types of citations can I create?

There are two fundamental citation types: Structured & unstructured citation types. Then, there are also four citation categories: global, national, local, and industry-related citations. 

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Reliable Local Citation Building

BrightLocal offers a pay-as-you-go local citation-building service that allows you to improve local search visibility without recurring fees. Note: The link below is an affiliate link.

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