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Best 80 Citation Sites for Chiropractors

If you’ve been in the chiropractic business for a while, you know that chiropractors build their client list on a foundation of trust. Properly crafted citations can help you to maintain, and even enhance that trust for present and future clients. But who has the time? We made it easier for you to get your business out there for the world to see with our list of the best citation sites for chiropractors—including details on approximate traffic, domain ratings, and backlink count.
Local citation sites for chiropractor

What is a local citation and how does it affect SEO?

A local citation is an online reference to your business that is featured in a directory specific to your service area. Whether you’re writing general or local citations, however, each listing includes key info about your company, such as the address, contact information, and website links. These listings are designed to improve your SEO by providing consistent data in various points throughout the web, making your business more visible to both customers and search engines.

What are the benefits of local citation sites for chiropractors?

Local citation sites aren’t just about having more people find you, they’re about helping the right people find you. It is much better to have 10 site visitors who become new clients than 100 site visitors who don’t. Local citation sites help redirect customers who are more likely to schedule an appointment, based on their search criteria and location. 


Since proper citation can enhance your relevance, legitimacy, and presence online, it will also help customers view you as a trusted source of chiropractic services. This makes clients more likely to book with you than someone with less online presence, since most people will do lots of research ahead of time.

What is the purpose of chiropractor business directories?

Business directories for chiropractors are designed to make your business more visible online, allowing it to be discovered more frequently. If you’re featuring your business on locally-focused or industry-focused sites, you may also find that you find customers that way more quickly than your competitors who choose general directories. 


These directories are also crafted to catch the attention of search engines so that they will be more likely to feature your listing in search results. The more often your citations, websites, and social media pages are visited, the more likely that the search engines will feature you in their top search results. This is actually the main purpose of business directories, since being featured in top results will make your business appear to be more legitimate to the public.

Directory submission sites for chiropractor

Best 80 Chiropractors Directory Submission Sites for Local SEO

Sortable Google Sheet Table

What should you keep in mind when creating citations for local chiropractors?

When you create your citations, don’t forget these key points designed to help you maintain citation quality:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a citation for a chiropractic business?

There are three ways to make citations for your chiropractic clinic. You can do them yourself using resources like Brightlocal. You could also pay a service (Brightlocal does that too) to create professional-grade citations for you. Freelancers also offer this service; you can find them in business directories as well, freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr or Upwork.

How much does it cost to list my business on directory submission sites for chiropractors?

Depending on the creation method you choose, it can cost you as little as $0-$5 per citation. A service, such as Brightlocal may cost as little as $2 per citation. A freelance service provider can create a citation for as little as $5. Listing your business on citation sites usually doesn’t cost anything.

What are some different kinds of business citations?

There are structure and unstructured business citations, organized into global, national, local, and industry-specific directories. Structured citations are usually designed to help customers compare similar businesses, such as in industry-specific directories. Unstructured citations are designed for general use on non-specific sites.

What is local citation management for a chiropractic business?

Local citation management can help your chiropractic business grow by helping you choose citation sites that will be most likely to be resourced by local customers. The best citation sites in your area will recommend your business and encourage customers to come to you due to their “high-authority” (high likelihood to be used by the public). When checking through the list of directories we’ve provided above, focus on the ones with the highest traffic for your listing.

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