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Tim Kahlert

Tim Kahlert


Hi, I’m Tim Kahlert, the founder & CEO of Hypetrix.com. I have been consulting marketing companies and small businesses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2019.


I created my first SEO project in 2002 when I was 15. I didn’t know much about SEO, but I was happy to find my personal blog ranking on Google. 


I share tips and ideas about local SEO through platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, emails, and my private forum to help businesses succeed in local search and Google Maps.


I live in Cyprus, where I enjoy participating in a large entrepreneurial community and great climate. 


In early 2024 I founded my own SEO agency. The agency focuses on improving local Google Business Profile rankings on the local map pack and Google Maps. 


Joe Saitta
Joe Saitta@joe.saitta.92
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Tremendous asset to our company. Our incoming calls have increased and he’s able to show reports that back this up. Great company to work with. I am looking forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.
Filip Galiza
Filip Galiza@filipgaliza
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Tim is one of the sharpest SEO consultants and analysts out there. I consider myself a veteran site developer and SEO specialist and I’ve sharpened my understanding and skill set considerably thanks to Tim. Work with him if you can. I’m extremely satisfied with how much I’ve gained.
Sean Purdy
Sean Purdy@sean.purdy.754
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Great guy! Tim is extensive in his local SEO knowledge add that to his ability to be able to explain it easily and effortlessly. much recommended.

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