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Best 70 Local Citation Sites for Counsellors & Therapists

Should therapists and counsellors use citation sites?

With mental health awareness gaining traction, people are much more accepting of everyday people getting support through therapy. This means that more and more people are going to be seeking out counsellors and therapists, whether they suffer from mental illness or just average stress. Citation sites are a great way for private practices to take advantage of this natural growth by helping clients find them.

local citation sites for counsellors & therapists

What is a citation and how does it help local SEO?

A citation is a reference to a business, found on online directories. These listings usually feature important information about each business, including their address, primary phone number, website, and sometimes even photos. Citations help boost local SEO for your business because, depending on the counseling directory that you use, it will make local clients more likely to find your practice when searching for a therapist. They also help to create a backlink to your website, where potential clients can find out more about how you can help them and how they can get started. 

What are the benefits of local citations for therapists?

In addition to helping your business be more discoverable overall, citations can also help enhance the reputation of your business by making it more reputable to search engines and clients alike. The more often your business is mentioned in a consistent way, the more likely search engines will consider it to be a reliable resource. To add on to this benefit, using a citation directory focused on your specific service area makes it even more likely that you will attract new clients, since people often search for local services. It is typically only after they cannot find what they are looking for that they will expand their search to other cities. And since patients are far more likely to seek help if they can access it locally and quickly, you’ll be able to help more people through local citations—as opposed to general ones.

What is the purpose of business directories for counsellors?

In general, quality citations can greatly increase the chances of your practice being discovered by potential clients, increasing your influx of work. In fact, depending on the sites you choose, you can also help your business be discovered more frequently and more quickly than your competitors. Regardless, the more often your business is discovered online, the more search engines will link to it. It can also increase the chances that search engines will feature your practice in their top search results. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle of incoming business that will help you grow your therapy private practice.

business directories for counsellors & therapists

Best 70 Therapists Directory Submission Sites for Local SEO

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Top Industry Citation Sites

What should you consider when creating citations for therapists and counsellors?

When posting on directory submission sites for counsellors, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind. These aspects will help ensure that your listings will be appealing to both individuals and search engines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a citation for a therapy practice?

You have three options to create citations for your practice: create them yourself, pay for a service, or hire a professional. Each of these options can work well; the main difference is the amount of time and money you are willing to invest in a quality listing.

You can create citations on your own using resources like Brightlocal. Brightlocal also offers a professional-grade citation service. You can also hire an individual to create the citation via freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr or Upwork.

2. How much does it cost to list my therapy or counselling business on online directories?

At minimum, it will cost you between $0 and $5 to list a citation on an online directory. Many of the sites themselves are free, so the most likely cost will be from creating the citation itself. Creating your own is often the cheapest, with services like Brightlocal, costing about $2 per citation. A freelance service provider typically charges as little as $5 per citation.

3. What are the different kinds of business citations?

Business citations can be structured or unstructured. Structured citations are often for directories focused on specific subcategories, such as global, national, local, and industry-specific directories. Unstructured citations are usually used on general directories, which may or may not feature businesses similar to yours.

4. What is local citation management for a therapy or counselling practice?

Local citation management mainly involves choosing citation sites based on how likely they are to be resourced by local customers. The best citation sites for your area will recommend your business and encourage customers to come to you. Directories that have high authority (those with the highest traffic) are the most-used by the general public.

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