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Duplicate Content For Local SEO

duplicate content for local SEO

Can I Duplicate Content For Local SEO? Myths about duplicated content and SEO persist stubbornly. First of all, duplicated content doesn’t lead to Google penalties. However, if you don’t understand how to deal with duplicate content, it can lead to performance decreases and Google de-indexing your pages.    You can duplicate content for local SEO […]

The Perfect Google Business Profile Description

Google Business Profile Description

Write A Google Business Profile description that sells A perfect Google Business Profile Description converts, reads well, and is compliant with Google’s guidelines. This article will tell you how to create a perfect Google Business Profile Description that sells. A GBP description allows you to describe your company to your potential customers with only 750 […]

How to find the Best Google Business Profile Categories

Google uses categories to organize businesses. You’re allowed one primary category and nine secondary categories. This will determine how users find your business when they use specific keywords, so it’s essential to choose wisely. Categories are a massive part of your local SEO strategy because they determine what terms you’ll come up for during a user’s search.

Top 11 Local SEO Ranking Factors

Top Local SEO Ranking Factors There are 3 main local SEO ranking factors: relevance, proximity, and prominence. All other local ranking factors can be found anywhere between these 3. Relevance Relevance is undoubtedly the most crucial major local ranking factor that we’re able to control. It describes how well a business listing matches the customer’s […]

Google Business Profile Posts Best Practices

Google Business Profile posts best practices for action takers If you’re a busy business owner, you might not know what makes an excellent GBP post. In short, the best Google Business Profile posts convert in an entertaining and engaging way. If you want to know the post best practices for Google Business Profile, keep reading. You’ll […]

TOP 24 Auto Repair Google Business Profile Categories

Google Business Profile Auto Repair Shop Categories

Google Business Profile Categories for Auto Repair Shops Since there are many auto repair-related sub-niches Google Business Profile Auto Repair Shop categories aren’t easy to find. This post will cover the most important auto repair Google Business Profile categories and explains every single one of them.  Google Business Profile Categories Google Business Profile categories is a […]

Find Keywords That Rank Fast! 🚀

Find Keywords that rank fast

My #1 Keyword Research Method This is an incredible method to rank keywords that are trending right now. All you need is an SEMrush account and a list of potential competitors. They are potentially competitors because they don’t have to actually compete with you.  If your business is located in New York, you can also […]

The Ultimate 6 Steps Local SEO Audit Guide 2024

local seo audit

How to perform an extensive local SEO audit in 2024 A local SEO audit is the process of identifying local search problems that can prevent your business from achieving great rankings on local search and Google Maps.    By using this audit process I was able to increase calls for a local business by over […]

12 Smart Ways To Improve Local SEO Click-Through Rate

What Is a Local SEO Click-Through Rate A Local SEO click-through rate (CTR) is the rate at which your Google Business Profile listing is clicked. This number is the percentage of people who view your listing (also known as impression) and then go on to click the listing.  In this article I will reveal the […]

14 Great Benefits of Local SEO

benefits of local seo

How Does Local SEO Benefit Local Businesses? Local SEO is a powerful strategy that can be beneficial for almost every local business.   It is especially helpful for small local businesses as it enables them to showcase their services and stand out in directory listings, which leads to attracting more local customers.   You can […]

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