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Top 60 Local Citation Sites for Gyms & Sports Clubs

Should fitness clubs use citation sites?

Yes! You should definitely use citation sites for your business. As a member of the fitness industry, your gym, fitness center, or sports club makes their living on moving onward and upward. You help people do better and be better—and you’re always working to improve your service offering. But what good is any of that if people don’t know it’s happening? In this article, we’ll talk about how citation sites can help you spread the word about your business and get you more members.
local citation sites for gyms & sports clubs

What is a citation and how does it relate to local SEO?

A citation is an online reference to a business. This reference is listed online, on websites called “directories“. These sites have basically taken the place of the phone books of yesteryear to help direct customers to relevant businesses. 

Citations are crucial to local SEO management because they help you target customers within your service area. They accomplish this by including key information about your business, including your phone number, address, and website. Some directories also give you the option of adding in photos, videos, or links to help enhance the user experience.

What are the benefits of directory submission sites for gyms and sports clubs?

When you list your gym or sports club on a citation site, you are making your business more visible to search engines and customers. This can help:

  • Search engines recommend you to local customers
  • Increase the conversion rate of online searchers
  • Improve your business’ credibility
  • Make you more popular than your competitors
  • Make people more likely to recommend your business

As you can see, using citation sites has a whole host of benefits for fitness centers and classes. Most importantly, it can help convince shoppers and search engines that you are a legitimate local business that can offer them the resources they need.

What is the purpose of business directories for gyms and sports clubs?

No matter what kind of business you own, citations can increase your chances of being discovered by new customers. In fact, a high-quality citation on a well-chosen site can get your business discovered faster and more often than your competitors! The more often this happens, the greater your chances of being referenced by search engines. Sites like Google or Bing often consider sites that are used more often as stronger resources. They use these resources as their “top searches” that they display to customers. This is the main goal of business citations.

Gyms & Sports Clubs Citation Sites & Directories

Best 60 Gyms & Sports Clubs Directory Submission Sites for Local SEO

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What should you consider when creating local citations for fitness centers?

When you create your business directory listings, always consider the four main qualities of effective citations. These will help ensure that your listings get you more customers and attract search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a citation for a fitness center?

You can create citations on your own pretty easily using resources like Brightlocal. Brightlocal also offers a citation service. Alternatively, you could hire an individual to create the citation. Try searching on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork.

2. How much does it cost to list my gym on online directories?

It often doesn’t cost anything to list on online directories—though some do charge a small fee. Most of the cost is going to be from creating the citation itself, which can cost a minimum of $0 to $5. Making your own citations may not cost anything. A service like Brightlocal usually costs about $2 per citation. A freelance service provider might charge as little as $5 per citation. 

3. What are the different kinds of business citations?

There are two different kinds of business citations: structured and unstructured. Unstructured citations are usually used for general directories. Structured citations are usually made with specific directories in mind. These directories may have businesses in your same industry and/or location and can be divided into global, national, local, and industry-specific subcategories.

4. What is local citation management for a fitness club?

Local citation management is about choosing directories that will be best for your specific fitness club. These sites are going to be visited more often by local customers. They’ll have a high level of authority and will probably also recommend your business to searchers. This can encourage customers to come to you.

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