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How To Do Local SEO For Multiple Locations

how to do local seo for multiple locations

Local SEO for multiple locations refers to the process of optimizing multiple business online presences for one company. This strategy is especially important for local franchises, chains, businesses with multiple branches, or service area businesses.

How To Remove Google Reviews [Complete Guide 2024]

how to remove negative google reviews

Negative Google reviews can have a huge effect on your local search results and conversions. Did you know that it needs around 30 positive 5-star reviews to make up for one negative 1-star review? That’s why it is so important to remove negative Google reviews to maintain a great rating. Because that is what’s going to influence purchase decisions after all.

How To Change The Google Business Profile Name [Updated 2024]

can I change my google business profile name

Yes, you can change the Google Business Profile name. (GBP, former Google My Business) The name is one of the main features of the GBP. Changing your Google Business Profile can impact a bunch of things. Read on to leverage one of the biggest local ranking factors. 

How To Rank The Google Business Profile For Multiple Keywords

how to rank a Google Business Profile for multiple keywords

Ranking your Google Business Profile for multiple keywords in local search is a highly efficient strategy to boost local search traffic.

If you’re like most local businesses, your main business derives from one key keyword, along with its related variants and synonyms. Imagine you could double your traffic, conversions, and profits merely by maintaining your profile’s and its assets’ relevance.

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO Pricing in 2024

local seo pricing

How Much Does Local SEO Cost in 2024? Local SEO costs between $300 and $10,000 monthly for agency services. The pricing depends on your business’s specific needs, the quality of the services, and the competition level.    While freelancers may charge less, some agencies may charge more for specific projects or plans.   I will guide […]

35 Google Business Profile Post Ideas To Boost Conversions

50 smart google business profile post ideas

What to post on your Google Business profile? You’ve probably already noticed that posting on Google Business Profile can attract new customers and even helps rank in local search. The majority of small businesses doesn’t know what to post other than crafting boring sales pitches.   Great Google Business Profile post ideas are rare and […]

How to make money with local SEO?

How to Make Money With Local SEO

Local SEO can be a big help for agencies and freelancers to make money from local businesses. It focuses on improving the online presence to bring in more customers from the local area.

How Long Does Local SEO Take? A complete guide!

how long does local seo take

We all want instant results from local SEO. However, there are misconceptions regarding the time it takes for local SEO to take effect. The answer often is: it depends. I’d like to shed some light on how long it typically takes to see local SEO results.

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