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The Perfect Google Business Profile Description

Last updated: Feb 24, 2024

Google Business Profile Description

Write A Google Business Profile description that sells

A perfect Google Business Profile Description converts, reads well, and is compliant with Google’s guidelines. This article will tell you how to create a perfect Google Business Profile Description that sells. A GBP description allows you to describe your company to your potential customers with only 750 characters.

What Makes a Great Google Business Profile Description

A great Google Business Profile description showcases your business in an appealing way. It contains information about the name, the location, age, industry, business vision, services & products, and USPs. Not only your customers will be happy to read an overview of your business – it could also attract potential investors.

What to consider

Before you start to create your Google Business Profile description it is recommended that you take a look at Google’s guidelines on how to represent your business on Google.

google business profile description example

Here’s an overview of what you should keep in mind when writing a business description for Google’s local search marketing platform. Make sure you duplicate or save your written business description as if Google rejects your description it’s gone and you won’t get it back. So save yourself some time and trouble and create a copy on your phone, cloud, or hard drive.

Google's Don'ts

Google Business Profile Description Guidelines

google business profile description guidelines

7 Ingredients For A Compelling Google Business Profile Description

1. Business name

Marketing mostly consists of repetition. Make sure you add the same name you use for your Google Business Profile company name to the description as well. Don’t shorten it, use the full name.

2. Location

Adding your address to the GBP description is only critical for businesses with physical storefronts. If you’re a service area business, try to broadly outline your service area without using too much space. Remember, you have only space for up to 750 characters. If your business is part of a mall or shared building, mention that briefly, too.

3. Age

The third aspect of a great Google Business Description is the age of your business. Why? Because age generally tells a lot about quality and reliability. It’s a big trust factor. So if you’re in business for a while don’t hide this information. If you’ve just started out, try to frame it in your favor. You could do this by mentioning the downsides of running bigger businesses as aged businesses are mostly bigger and emphasizing the fact that you’re fresh and hungry.

4. Industry/Niche

A very critical point you should mention is the main industry or niche you operate in. This is especially important if your business name doesn’t reveal your main business category. You can simply use your primary category and describe it in one to two sentences.

5. Main Products & Services

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. You should mention your main service(s) and product(s) so that your customers know exactly what you offer. Don’t add too many as space is limited.

6. Vision

Let your customers know about your brand values, goals, and objectives. When people realize what you stand for and why you’re doing it they’ll be way more inclined to do business with you. It’s like a vision or mission statement where you explain the pain points of typical customers in the industry and how you’re going to resolve them.

7. Unique Selling Proposition

One of the most underrated points a business description should contain is the unique selling proposition.


Most small and medium-sized businesses have no idea what their USP is. They would normally start to list typical benefits like high-quality, affordable, fast service, etc.


The problem is, these benefits aren’t USPs because every competitor is using the same. So they can’t be unique at all. Check out my guide on  Local SEO Benefits


If you don’t know your USPs figure out a way to make your service/product or the customer experience unique.


Focusing on the benefits of the benefits of your services can help, too. For instance, a taxi company doesn’t sell rides, it sells time because their customers win time they don’t have to waste in the metro or walking.


Even though this point seems to need much explanation, try to keep it as short as possible to stay under 750 characters.

Google Business Profile Description Example

Google Business Profile Description For Coral Spa

Your personal sanctuary away from home! Coral Spa is an organic health and wellness clinic located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since we opened the doors in 2001, we have offered an immersive experience to residents of Cicero, Berwin, Oak Park, and surrounding areas. We specialize in different types of massages, facials that include skin-care treatments such as exfoliation, steam, moisturizers, masks, and peels. Our customers love our snake massage! Over a decade of experience has given our staff a unique insight into your beauty, vitality, and wellness needs. That's why we are always on the lookout for better and more beautiful ways to serve you. Additionally, we use 100% organic and cruelty-free products, as we are firm believers in employing sustainable, eco-friendly practices. We are open 7 days a week, 8 am to 7 pm. Give us a call to book an appointment.

These 7 points and the example above will guide you through writing a great Google Business Profile description. A great way to spice up your description and make it stand out more is through using emojis. Although Google’s guidelines say that you shouldn’t add “gimmicky characters” there is nothing wrong with using emojis in a professional way.

If you want to optimize your GB Profile further, check out our guide on how to find the perfect Google Business Profile categories

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