change GMB Name

Can I Change The Google Business Profile Name?

Can I Change The Google Business Profile Name?

change GMB Name

Can I change the Google My Business name?

Yes, you can change the Google Business Profile name. (GBP, former Google My Business) The name is one of the main features of the GBP. Changing your Google Business Profile can impact a bunch of things. Read on to leverage one of the biggest local ranking factors. 

google business profile example

How can I change the Google Business Profile name?

You can go two ways when changing the Google My Business name.

  1. Change the name from your backend.

Visit your Google Business Profile, click on edit profile and change your business name.

edit google business profile name

      2. Suggest an edit to your profile on Google Maps.

All you need to do is go to your Google Maps profile, click the suggest an edit button, and select change name or other details. You can do that from any Google profile but not your own that owns the business. This tactic is not 100% effective but can prevent your profile from getting suspended when you want to change the name.

Why it can be helpful to change the GBP name


This is probably one of the most critical factors. Since the Google My Business name impacts rankings on Google’s local search and Google Maps tremendously, changing it to a more keyword-friendly name can positively impact local search visibility. 


Whenever you want to rebrand your business, a name change can help maintain consistency across all other directories and platforms and avoid confusing customers.


If your business name on the Google Business Profile differs from what you use on your signage, stationery, website, and co, consider changing the name accordingly. 


There are undoubtedly many other reasons why you should change the name of your business, but these 3 are the most common. At the end of the day, all we want is better rankings and higher conversion rates, right?

5 Things to Consider When Changing the Google Business Profile name?

1. Google’s guidelines

Google has strict guidelines on naming your business. Just type in your business name exactly as it appears in the real world on your signs, stationery, website, logo, and other branding materials. And if you end up changing your business name after requesting verification, you’ll need to reverify your business again.

GBP Guidelines Name

2. Ranking impacts

A GBP name change can positively or negatively affect your local search engine rankings. For example, removing specific keywords can decrease visibility, while adding keywords can increase your chances of getting found on local search.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

Even though adding relevant keywords to your Google My Business name can positively affect rankings, you shouldn’t overdo it. The name is part of your marketing strategy and should reflect a professional brand presence online. To get higher conversion rates, it’s essential to remember that keyword stuffing or other redundant naming tactics can destroy your incoming lead stream. Ranking great is nice, but converting visitors into paying customers should also be on your agenda.

4. Customer Recognition

The new name should reflect your business type and brand. If customers can’t recognize your business after the name change, that might negatively impact your local online visibility. Ensure the name change has been communicated well so existing customers and brand advocates aren’t confused. 

5. Update across all platforms

If you change your Google Business name, you should also change it on all the other sites and directories you want to be found in. That’s not only because of name recognition but also because of data consistency across sites like Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, BBB, and Foursquare, to name a few. Data consistency is essential in local search – don’t mess it up.

What can happen if I don’t play by the rules?

The worst that can happen is that Google suspends your profile, and you’ll have to request a reinstatement. Other than that, it can happen that Google just rejects your name change request, so you’d have to try it again, keeping the points in this article in mind.


It’s pretty simple to change the name on your Google Business Profile. Just check out how it’s done. The key is to think about what you want to accomplish and remember what matters when making the name change.

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