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Best Local SEO Blogs & Experts in 2023

by Tim Kahlert
by Tim Kahlert

January 2, 2023

best local seo blogs

Find Your Best Local SEO Blog

Knowing who to trust and how to find them can be challenging. I’m going to show you the top local SEO blogs that I’ve been trusting for a while. And I’m also going to explain why I love them so much. No more guessing, no more wasting time researching the experts. Check out the best local SEO blogs on the planet right below!

What Makes A Great Local SEO Blog

There are definitely a bunch of great local SEO blogs which aren’t mentioned in this post out there, you just need to find them. I’m giving you guidance on the ones I think are best. If you want to find more yourself, here’s a little guide on what to look at when searching for more good local SEO blogs.

Nothing New Under The Sun

A great local SEO blog combines a spectrum of several strengths. Not only has the author got to be trustworthy and professional, but should also aim to include some unique ideas. You might be thinking: ”nothing new under the sun”, but in fact, lots of “new” ideas evolved after many people have added their tiny thoughts and suggestions to a broader topic. 

The same goes for local SEO. A true local search expert is someone who tries to come up with tiny unique thoughts and adds them to the already known local SEO science

A Reliable Source Of Information

Whenever you’re not sure if you can trust someone, try to figure out if the author is just rephrasing content from other people or if they try to create something “new”. Field tests, self-made experiments and visuals like custom screenshots often indicate a reliable source of information. 

Take this blog article. I’m trying to give you a unique perspective on the best local SEO blogs on the planet. I’m not creating something that you wouldn’t be able to find on Google. It’s not entirely new. But the way I structure the content and how I describe the topic is unique, field-tested and not copied. I don’t want to praise myself too much, just trying to make a point. 

So, enough fluff, enjoy my Top list of best Local SEO blogs!

5 Local SEO Blogs You Can Trust

1. SterlingSky's Blog

SterlingSky is a digital marketing & SEO agency from Canada. Its CEO, Joyanne Hawkins, is a true expert and industry leader. She is a Google Product Expert and speaks at various digital marketing events such as PubCon and MozCon. 

Their team consists of Google Business Profile product experts, columnists and writers for sites like Search Engine Land and Moz. Some of their team members contribute to Whitespark’s yearly Local Search Ranking Factor Study.

sterlingsky blog

Other SterlingSky brands are: Classy Brain, LocalU and the Local Search Forum.


In the past 10 years we’ve worked with many SEO companies to improve our web presence, organic positioning, and lead generation. Absolutely none of those companies were able to make an impact on our business like Sterling Sky has. Sterling Sky specializes in value-driven SEO.

Dr Ziad Jalbout

Cosmetic Dental Studio

Example Local SEO Blog Posts

If you want to trust anyone local SEO, SterlingSky should be the first to visit. 

2. Whitespark's Blog

Whitespark provides digital marketing services and builds software that helps agencies succeed on local search. Whitespark has been creating the yearly local ranking factors study for the last couple of years. Its CEO Darren Shaw is active on various social media platforms.

whitespark blog

With Whitespark’s softwares you can track local rankings, find citations and build a reputation.


Whitespark's citation building service has been a great resource for our citation campaigns. Knowing that their team is trained and capable of producing good work allows us to focus on the hundred other things we need to work on during a local SEO campaign, and helps us produce faster results for our local clients.

Kane Jamison

Example Local SEO Blog Posts

If you’re not sure about what works on local search, try Whitespark.

3. Local Visibility System Blog

Local Visibility System is Phil Rozek’s blog about local SEO. He’s been in business since 2009 and his blog is definitely one of the most reliable resources when it comes to local search knowledge. Many of his blog posts cover very advanced topics.

local visibility system blog


Phil has been exceptional to work with. I first inquired Phil for local SEO work & help building my website. This was about 3 or 4 years ago. I have an electrician business in San Diego and the competition online in San Diego is one of the highest for my type of work in all of the States. After about a year of working Phil he managed to rank number one organically. My website is the only local website ranking higher than big companies such as Yelp. Angie, thumbtack etc… it’s amazing at the things that Phil can accomplish with just a little patience. I would highly recommend having Phil do all your SEO and website work if you’re lucky enough to find him!

George Premo

Premo Electric

Example Local SEO Blog Posts

If you’re already a local SEO expert, Phil’s blog content might still surprise you.

4. Brightlocal's Blog

Brightlocal is one of the biggest players in the game of local SEO. It’s a UK-based digital marketing company that provides a very extensive local SEO software and multiple local SEO related tools. Some of them are available for free on their website. With Brightlocal’s tools, you can audit your business on local search, track local rankings, build and track citations and many more.

BrightLocal SEO Blog


BrightLocal help us show our clients success; the Local Rank Tracker helps us keep track of where our clients rank online, whist the Google My Business Audit is amazing at helping you see what your competitors are doing, and which rankings you are lacking. We were using a different company to track local rankings for Google My Business listings but the results were extremely inaccurate. With BrightLocal, however, we see much more accurate results.

Joy Hawkins


Their blog consists of many different topics from multiple writers. (Brag: me included 😉 ) So you will get a variety of different perspectives when you consume Brightlocal’s blog articles.

Example Local SEO Blog Posts

Regular updates, lots of great advice and many ideas. 

5. Ranking Academy's Blog

Ranking Academy is a local marketing agency by Luc Duran. If you haven’t heard about his blog, you’ve probably seen one of his videos on Youtube. He’s created lots of great local SEO Youtube videos and many of them are written out on his blog as well.

ranking academy blog


I had a video call with Luc to go over a few questions about optimizing 2 websites I manage for my clients. He let me explain my concerns and did not rush me, which was very nice. He followed it up by giving me a lot of resources after my video call, which was a nice compliment to the material we reviewed. He is great and totally worth it.

Veronica Valencia

Valoro Digital Media

Example Local SEO Blog Posts

If you want some very practical tips to improve your local SEO, I highly recommend checking out Ranking Academy!

Bonus Blogs

Here’s a list of other great blogs that talk about local SEO:

The End

I could tell you about a bunch of other great local SEO blogs, but these 5 are very niche. That’s why I think the best blog authors are those that don’t talk about everything but their own tiny niche, which in this case, is local SEO. 

I hope you enjoyed the list and it would be much appreciated if you could leave a comment below. 

Thank you, Tim!

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By clicking the “Get Access” button, an email with a link to confirm your subscription will be sent to your email address. I will send you a few emails per week. You can unsubscribe from my mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of my emails. 100% Privacy! No Spam, no BS, no Games!

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