The Ultimate Local SEO Audit Guide 2022

local seo audit

How to Perform an extensive local SEO audit in 2022 A local SEO audit is the process of identifying local search problems that can prevent your business from achieving great rankings on local search and Google Maps. By using this audit process I was able to increase calls for a local business by over 50% compared […]

How To Download Images From Google Business Profile

download images from google business profile

Download Photos From Google Business Profile Easily While you can screenshot the pictures on your mobile Google Maps app, high-quality Google Business Profile photos can’t be downloaded just like that on a desktop computer. Google doesn’t want you to download and share its images the classic way. However, you’ve come to the right place. I’m about […]

Local SEO Prominence – The Ultimate Local Search Fame Guide

local SEO prominence

How to get more prominent on Local Search Prominence is one of the main local ranking factors. This article is to help you learn what you can do to overcome proximity, leverage relevance, and level up your local SEO skills to eventually master prominence and get better local rankings.  How to become more famous as […]

How to check Google´s local search rankings

How to check your own local search rankings on Google You don’t need a degree in computer science to check your own Google rankings. Even if you don’t know much about the web and how search engine algorithms work, you can do a few things to get a better feel for how Google ranks your […]

Google Business Profile Posts Best Practices

Google Business Profile posts best practices for action takers If you’re a busy business owner, you might not know what makes an excellent GBP post. In short, the best Google Business Profile posts keep things simple yet entertaining and engaging. Today, posting and blogging to Google Business Profile has become its own social media platform. If […]

12 Smart Ways To Improve Local SEO Click-Through Rate

What Is a Local SEO Click-Through Rate A Local SEO click-through rate (CTR) is the rate at which your Google Business Profile listing is clicked. This number is the percentage of people who view your listing (also known as impression) and then go on to click the listing.  In this article I will reveal the […]

Geotagging Images on Google Business Profile [THE Truth]

geotagging images on Google Business Profile

What is geotagging on Google Business Profile? Geo-tagging Google Business Profile photos means adding geographical information to uploaded media in general and images on GBP in particular. This usually happens by assigning geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) and geo-related keywords to images’ metadata.  The goal of geo-tagging is to make a photo more relevant for a […]

Local SEO Services Pricing

local seo pricing

Professional Local SEO Service Pricing Strategies Local SEO can cost anywhere from $100 to over $5000 per month. Understanding the factors that govern local SEO pricing can help you offer optimized services at great prices. I’m going to break down local SEO services to understand how to price your services and charge your clients for […]

A Complete Guide to Local Content Optimization

duplicate content local seo

How to make a local business website most appealing to visitors What do you do when you have a craving for some particular type of pastry? Unless you’re made of money and can source pastries from France, chances are that you’re going to search for a local restaurant or bakery close by that makes what […]

⭐How to Get Star Ratings to Google Search Results

how to get star ratings on google search results

Boost Your CTR With Star Ratings in Google Search Results This article will tell you exactly what you need to do to get star ratings to Google search results in only a few hours. I’ve tested the methods described in this post on hundreds of pages and what I can say is, they work really […]